YAO 2013

Things To Do

Birmingham is England's second city and hosts a large selection of cultural and historical sights. It is rapidly becoming the place to be for fine dining outside of London. A selection of our favourite pubs and restaurants can be found on our Map.

City Centre

Birmingham's city centre has been significantly regenerated over the past decade, leading to a bright and fresh urban environment filled with plenty of upmarket restaurants, classic pubs and fancy shops. Next to the new developments are grand 18th-19th Century buildings, such as the Town Hall (pictured).


Birmingham famously has "More canals than Venice" (by length, depth and water volume) and in the city centre they play host to some lovely waterfront pubs and cafes.

Brindleyplace and Broad Street

Brindleyplace is located on the edge of the city centre, near to the canals. This area is great for restaurants.

Broad Street is Birmingham's main party street. Located next to Brindleyplace it leads from the city centre out towards the west. It is filled with everything a group of sensible Physicists need for a night out. Bars and nightclubs abound.

Jewellery Quarter

Birmingham produces an estimated 40% of the UK's jewellery. The Jewellery Quarter contains many museums and art galleries describing the city's heritage in very nice surroundings that are pleasant to walk around.

Cadbury World

Birmingham is home to Cadbury World, the world famous chocolate factory, and Bournville village, built to house the chocolate factory's workers. Located a very short distance from the University, this is a fun day out for all and there's plenty of free chocolate to be had.