Research fellows

We welcome applications from the UK and abroad. We review here our current openings and the available fellowships. If you are interested in joining one of our groups, please contact the relevant members of staff.



  • Are you curious about how ultracold atoms trapped in a light interference pattern can simulate exotic materials?
  • Do you want to know how interfering atomic matterwaves can measure tiny variations of the gravitational field and reveal what's hidden in the ground?
  • Are you meticulous enough to measure the transition frequencies of carefully cooled and trapped atoms with 17(!) digits of accuracy and realise some of the best portable atomic clocks which will reveal general relativistic effects and help with navigation?
  • Do you want to help figuring out ways of controlling the quantum state of the photons inside a laser beam in order to improve the way we do optical imaging?
  • Do you wonder how controlling the state of atoms close to absolute zero can help understanding the quantum aspects of energy transport in natural systems, such as photosynthesis in plants?
  • Do you wonder how the tiniest of magnets (single cold atoms!), put together in the quietest environment at absolute zero of temperature, arrange themselves to form quantum spin textures?

If yes then you are ready to apply to the Cold Atom group at the University of Birmingham! Please contact Kai Bongs, Jon Goldwin, Giovanni Barontini, or Vincent Boyer, or come to see us in Physics East second floor.


Want to try research? Curious about quantum mechanics? Need some lab experience as part of your degree? Directly approach a permanent member of staff.